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Levels of Senior Living

Hermitage Northern Virginia in Alexandria Independent Living

Living at Hermitage Northern Virginia, you’ll have the freedom to plan each day as you see fit. Make your life as busy or as relaxed as you prefer.

Each month a new calendar of events features social, recreational, entertainment and educational options. Enjoy a ceramics class in the arts and crafts studio. Exercise in the fitness room. Join the Bridge club or music appreciation. Attend a social event in the Penthouse and enjoy the view of the Washington, D.C. skyline.

Not a “social butterfly”? At Hermitage Northern Virginia you’ll find choices for quiet, unstructured times, too. Select a book from the campus library. Take a stroll on landscaped walking paths. Social opportunities unfold naturally. Meet a friend for lunch in the restaurant-style dining room, enjoy an activity together and so much more. Drop by one of the solarium lounges for billiards, cards or conversation. Or enjoy a peaceful afternoon relaxing in the privacy of your spacious apartment.


About Hermitage for Families

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Senior Living Lifestyle

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Senior Living Services

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