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As a not-for-profit mission driven community, Hermitage Northern Virginia is focused on the lives of our residents rather than on shareholder returns. We form a lifetime relationship with our residents and make a commitment to provide assistance to those who, through no fault of their own, may become unable to meet the financial responsibilities of their residence or care. Our relationship and commitment to our residents is deep and broad. That is why were are happy to share our person centered philosophy that empowers residents and staff to form a stronger, more vibrant and desirable community. That community believes contribution and value continue at all levels of living and all ages. Meaning and purpose are directly connected to happiness and health. We are proud of the time and energy our residents and staff invest to give back to the community on our campus and beyond.

Faith Based / But All Inclusive

As United Methodists, we strive to put our faith in action and being a positive influence in the world. In other words, our faith always includes a social dimension and we place a primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action. This means we are a welcoming community for all, regardless of background and religion.

Person / Family Centered

A trend that we have embraced and championed for our residents and staff can be summed up in the phrase “person-centered”. Simplifying a good thing down to two words it makes it clear and easier to communicate.

The core of a person-centered approach shapes specific parts of our community into unique personal households or neighborhoods. It has changed segregation of independent and assisted living areas and has blended them into one where assistance is simply given where needed.

One of the keys to successful change is the people… the people who are called to be a part of the Hermitage NOVA team. Our team constantly seeks additional ways to add more meaning, value and joy to residents’ lives. The Hermitage NOVA team members work to form communities where residents are happy and empowered and served by a team that enjoys bettering their lives.

Each day is informal, like a day in our own homes, and results in a truly rewarding and satisfying daily life for residents and team members alike. Why would we ask anyone to give up home, just when they need it the most?

Come visit and see for yourself… but the difference is not just a change you can see, it’s a change you feel; a change our residents feel as they direct their own lives and team members whom are empowered to help them do so.


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