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Margaret Dooley

October 30, 2019

Dear Hermitage Community,

On behalf of the Molidor and Dooley families, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks for the care and love you gave my father, Jim Molidor, over the past three years. I continually saw patience and humor and sincere interest in Dad’s well-being from everyone.

The HCC fourth floor staff (and third floor for a while) were his main caregivers and I especially want to thank them. I visited during the day so I don’t know the night staffers but I wanted to particularly thank Sennait Tesfamariam, Michael Abraha, Elizabeth Chinery, Ruth Embaye, Bezawit Mulualem, Genet Mehonem, Mekdes Berhe, Alice Turay, Fatmata Wolapaye, Bintu Sesay, and Askalu Neamin. I am also very grateful to Yenni Johnson, Kenya Bryant, Donna McGrath, Dr. DeSoussa, and Miraf Aragaw. I know when names are listed, someone can be left out – please forgive any omissions. Thank you to all the people who cared for my Dad that I did not know or inadvertently left off the list.

You all gave me and my Dad your time and attention and skills to make his time at the Hermitage as good as it was possible to be. I will never forget the Hyatt Arlington name tags that you all wore to help my Dad adjust.

Thank you too for suggesting Capital Caring Hospice. They were just as kind and skillful as you all were.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you for all you did for my Dad. He was a very good man who had a difficult time at the end of his life. You eased his anxiety and confusion and gave him a safe and loving haven.

Sincerely, Margaret Dooley