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There’s no better way to get a feel for a community than to read personal stories. The testimonials below will give you an intimate glimpse into the place so many call home.  

Margaret Dooley

Dear Hermitage Community,

On behalf of the Molidor and Dooley families, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks for the care and love you gave my father, Jim Molidor, over the past three years. I continually saw patience and humor and sincere interest in Dad’s well-being from everyone.

The HCC fourth floor staff (and third floor for a while) were his main caregivers and I especially want to thank them. I visited during the day so I don’t know the night staffers but I wanted to particularly thank Sennait Tesfamariam, Michael Abraha, Elizabeth Chinery, Ruth Embaye, Bezawit Mulualem, Genet Mehonem, Mekdes Berhe, Alice Turay, Fatmata Wolapaye, Bintu Sesay, and Askalu Neamin. I am also very grateful to Yenni Johnson, Kenya Bryant, Donna McGrath, Dr. DeSoussa, and Miraf Aragaw. I know when names are listed, someone can be left out - please forgive any omissions. Thank you to all the people who cared for my Dad that I did not know or inadvertently left off the list.

You all gave me and my Dad your time and attention and skills to make his time at the Hermitage as good as it was possible to be. I will never forget the Hyatt Arlington name tags that you all wore to help my Dad adjust.

Thank you too for suggesting Capital Caring Hospice. They were just as kind and skillful as you all were.

From the bottom of my heart - thank you for all you did for my Dad. He was a very good man who had a difficult time at the end of his life. You eased his anxiety and confusion and gave him a safe and loving haven.

Sincerely, Margaret Dooley

Patty Garrett

Actual Hand written letter

From the moment I spoke to Lynette, I knew Hermitage was the right place for my Dad. Nothing else we saw compared to the nice atmosphere, friendliness, cleanliness and nice apartment my Dad has. The entire staff lives by the Golden Rule,"treat others as you want to be treated."The nurses and the entire staff treats my Dad with dignity and respect. We could not be happier with the care my Dad has received.-Patty Garrett-

Pete Crouch, AHA volunteer and Advisory Board Member

I wanted to thank The Hermitage for putting on a great 95th Birthday Party for our dear friend Brigitte! The pictures show her sister Ursula plus a bunch of us from At Home In Alexandria Senior Village joining her for a luncheon and wonderful cake! "Gita" moved to The Hermitage a few years ago, and has enjoyed the caring atmosphere. To give you an idea of the attention she has received, after Gita came down for the Party, her care giver followed her downstairs, took her into a side room, and did her hair, put on lipstick, a bracelet and earrings. That is real care! Thank you again for putting on the Party and caring for her so much. I tell everyone I can about The Hermitage.

GS – A resident of the community

I'm at Hermitage in Northern Virginia. The people are very nice, very helpful, and very welcoming. Upkeep and cleanliness are good. The staff has been very helpful and courteous. They have frequent entertainment, outside performers, and trips to band concerts, a barber shop and a beauty shop. The dining room is very comfortable and has lots of windows.

Joe D.

I could not be more pleased with the Hermitage. The atmosphere and staff members are outstanding. Before selecting the Hermitage, we visited and took every opportunity to engage staff that happened by. I was impressed by two staff members who said the Hermitage was the best job they ever had. Now that my mother is a resident, it is evident this is true. The environment is pleasant, respectful, and friendly. All staff take care to make residents and visitors feel welcome. From health care, to food service, to building maintenance, I have observed friendly, competent, and caring staff. The dining room wait staff and the entire food service operation is outstanding. Diners are promptly greeted, orders quickly taken, and water glasses are kept filled. The service at the Hermitage dining room is clearly on a par with highly regarded restaurants. The health care staff are attentive and responsive to the individual needs of the residents. The facility itself is very clean and well maintained by a very responsive maintenance staff. It is clear the Hermitage staff take pride in their jobs and the facility. In my opinion, the Hermitage is unique in achieving a caring, welcoming, and respectful environment that has become the organic definition of the organization.

Adult Child

When my mother moved from the West Coast to assisted living at the Hermitage, staff members guided me through the process and were very helpful in arranging everything she needed and recommending a primary care physician.

Bethany B.

I originally placed my cousin at the Hermitage along with her mother. Debra Norberg and the Hermitage staff were so accommodating allowing my cousin to be in independent living, while my aunt was in the health care center. At the same time, Debra worked with me to keep the cost reasonable. My cousin has now resided there for 2.5 years and absolutely loves it! I recommend the Hermitage to anyone looking for an affordable care living facility in Northern Virginia.

Dianne & Rob B.

We are so grateful for the wonderful staff, the cleanliness of the facility, the daily social activities, including exercise classes, and especially the loving care provided to my mom. We also are grateful that the administrative staff makes the business side of her comings and goings as smooth and easy as possible.

Donna G.

My Mom’s decision to move to The Hermitage at age 97—after living independently in her own home for 66 years—was not an easy one. But she’s now been in her lovely, sunny apartment for 3 years, where she’s safe and comfortable and well cared for. The staff at The Hermitage made the transition easier, and they continue to provide a loving, caring environment for the residents.


The staff is very helpful and friendly. The free transportation offered is very well done, taking residents to the doctor, shopping or to pursue pleasurable activities. The activities offered on campus are varied, and available for residents who want to participate, including games of all types. At the Hermitage, I enjoy participating in what is offered and continue to live my life as I want to.

Morgan J.

I continue to live my life as I want to. I take advantage of the convenient bus stop near the Hermitage to make a weekly visit to the Library of Congress where I continue research I had begun some 40 years ago.


The friends I have met here at Hermitage have truly been a blessing and the staff is very helpful and kind. I also love the beautiful grounds and often enjoy taking peaceful walks after dinner to watch the sunset.


Living at the Hermitage makes it easy to stay active. I volunteer on the library committee, attend social events, take tai chi and exercise classes, and I’ve taken more trips to the mall and to museums than ever before.

Suzanne & Fred L.

Our family is very pleased with the care and service delivered by the competent staff at Hermitage. During a recent blizzard, it was comforting to know that our family member was safe and sound as many staff members worked double shifts or stayed overnight to ensure the safety of the residents. Any time we visit we are greeted by the cheerful, friendly staff.

Visited by Marina

We visited Hermitage at Northern VA. It was great and seemed like the perfect place for a senior. The room was nice and clean. There was a nice salon and good food in the dining area.

Visitor Daughter

My mother has signed a contract, and my parents are moving in next month to the Hermitage (Hermitage in Northern Virginia). It’s convenient to where they previously lived. They offer the 3-meals a day. The rooms are good size. They have activities that my parents are interested in. They have transportation to the places they need to go.


Hermitage was excellent. The people were friendly. They had classes, two different types of dining rooms, a pool, and a gym. The residents seemed happy. The apartments were spacious and came in all different sizes.


I have visited Hermitage In Northern Virginia in the past. The staff was accommodating and helpful. The rooms were nice and very clean. They have their own kitchenette and bathrooms, which is good. They also had the typical social activities different outings. They had movie nights too. There were also entertainment and live music. They also take the residents out to the barber shop. It was a fair community.


We chose Hermitage for a combination of location and price, and they provided the care level that we needed. The food is OK, and the staff is very knowledgeable.


I liked The Hermitage very much. They had a studio apartment, which was nice, and I liked that it had a lot of activities that appealed to me in a fairly intellectual route. Education was possible via the community college, and there were lectures and events involving the community that were more than the Bingo around. They had in-house care of different levels with physical therapy and doctors available in the community. You can also have free transportation to appointments within ten miles. It had a nice location too -- right in the middle of where I used to live. They have different levels of care, including respite care, which was nice.


I really liked Hermitage in Northern Virginia. It's in a beautiful location, and it was a very nice place. The staff seemed very caring. The food in the dining hall was good. The salesperson was very responsive to questions and concerns. It's also reasonably priced.


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